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here ficcy ficcy ficcy

So I was given a beautiful, wonderous and amazing challenge by Pinky. I then wrote a story, read it and realised I didnt refer to any of the things she asked for. *woe*

Oh challenge I pine for thee.

And so, tonight I bring you an extravaganza of writing.
A fic-a-palooza of the shinyest type. Hold on to your seats folks and prepare yourself for the most mind boggling, disjointed, caffeine inspired, strange and migrain inspiring story of your lives.
tonight...we dance

It sometimes occured to squid that when he was young he had been full of determination and ambition. At the age of six he had decided he was going to be an actor. He would watch the movies in shop windows and imagine how maybe one day there would be a six year old boy, just like him, watching the movies through a shop window and wishing that was him. Maybe one day he would be someones hero.
But that dream, like all those that followed, was demolished by constant negativity. His father was like that. He didnt even have to be around for his anger to be felt.

these days Squid didnt dream about much. In the days before camp greenlake he had spent all his time smoking, drinking and stealing things. petty acts of juvenile delinquancy.
These days his time was taken up be sheer exhaustion. He didnt bother thinking about what he would do after camp greenlake. For all he cared he would die out here.

That was, of course, before Zig had taken him aside one day and told him about "plan squiz".
He had been sitting on his bed staring at the ceiling and thinking about the plural of the word Moose when zig had sat down dramaticly next to him and whispered in his ear.

"I have a plan. Its for you and me only so I'll have to whisper...or the know. Anyway I call it Plan Squiz."

Squid remembered that the name hadnt seemed funny at first. Now whenever he thought about it he would laugh out loud, causing people to stare at him.

"Heres what we do. we get out of here and then we meet exactly 2 meters to the right of the entrance to disney world at 3pm July 12th 2005. Ok. Make sure its the right time and the right place because we might look different, long hair or a beard or whatever."

He had looked up at squids head and given a his hair a knowing glance before starting again.

"then you and me go and become somthing firemen or a chef...or interdimensional travellers. And we work together and live together forever. Thats plan squiz."

Zig had stopped talking, looked around quickly and then stalked out of the room as if nothing had happened.
And for the first time in his life squid had a dream that wasnt being taken away. Interdimensional travel with zig sounded prety fun.

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