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Because Maddy wanted some, and I am COLD.

She has given me a challenge and Smo has original fiction she wants too, so it shall be a WRITEY night for me.

Squid’s toes curled under the thick blanket as he shivered in the dark. It was way too cold for him, even with the three blankets, flannel pyjamas and Zigzag lying next to him, his body radiating heat as per usual. He turned over and sighed as the cold night air slipped under the blanket, infiltrating his warm-ish cacoon.

“nnngh.” He muttered into the mattress, his body wracked with shivers again. He felt Zig chuckle next to him and a warm hand slide under his pyjama top and wrap around his waist before he could stop him.

“COLD.” Squid whisper-screamed, his teeth chattering slightly. Zigzag hefted himself out of his warm position and pulled himself onto his friend, his goal to keep him warm. Squid grinned slightly and shuddered again, cursing everyone and everything in sight. Soon enough though, he relaxed into a position that was semi-comfortable, his heart beating slowly in time with Zigzag’s, his hand twined with Zig’s, Zigzag’s bare chest pressed against his own.

“Warm?” Zig muttered, his chin tucked against Squid’s shoulder.

“Warm.” Squid agreed, his head nodding weirdly and his eyes closing quickly. It was much warmer now, his body encapsulated by Zigzag’s, his breathing becoming slow and calm as sleep overpowered him.
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