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Because pinky attacked me with a broom

She did. I was sitting alone, doing charitable works and then out of the mist came the fearsom figure of the Mighty Pink.
And she beat me up.
With a broom

And bade me write her fic of sexy proportions.
She said
"maddy, only you are sexy enough to write me fic that is as sexy as shivvy and smo are not around for me to attack"

So here goes, its been so long I might SUCK
wait thats nothing new

When squid first came to camp...or as he liked to refer to it now- hell, he didnt think it would be so bad.
He had looked out at the dusty expanse of heat and thought
"hey its not so bad"

It was a really depressing moment when he realised he was wrong. It had hit him like a tonne of bricks and it wasnt fun. His hands were blistered, his back was aching, his feet stunk and the guy they called armpit stunk more. He had no friends and the guy with the crazy hair was staring at him.

"what do you want" he spat the words out making the guy flinch like he'd been hit. Squid felt like he'd just kicked a puppy.

"You have nice eyes"
Squid smiled. The crazy haired guy smiled too.

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