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challenge: free, new shoes, boredom

it wasn't so bad, he supposed. there would nice...well, it wouldn't be so hard after a while. And he would most probably, almost definetly, meet really nice people who he could be friends with. And he wouldn't have to go to school, right? No assignments, no exams, it was like a holiday. It was even hot there, apparently, so he could get a tan or something.

Squid ambled over to the showers, leaning against the wood support carefully as the bright, yellow bus pulled into the dusty center. It was a sight he had gotten used to, having been here so long, and sometimes he remembered back to when he first got here, a small little annoying wanker, who everyone hated. It was understandable.

The doors pulled open and he shifted, boredom evading him for just a moment as the boy was led out by the wrists, still handcuffed. They usually didn't keep them in the cuffs after they arrived here. There was nowhere to go.

"My name's Alan. You can call me A if you want. That's what I alway-oof-" He heard his whiney little voice in his own head and his eyes stung as he remembered the harsh blow he had been dealt not five minutes after arriving. They didn't like him much, and he had learnt to live with that, because who needs them anyway?

"You can let him free, it's not like he'll go anywhere." Mr Sir's strange voice echoed around the camp, making the guard look up from where he was nervously standing.

"If it's all the same, I'd rather leave him cuffed until we have to leave. I'm not taking any chances. I've met some weird ones, but this one...this one's unpredictable." Mr Sir scoffed at the man and handed him a bottle of coke, which the guard hastily took and quickly unlocked the handcuffs, rushing to get onto the bus so he wouldn't have to be around.

"NOW, you! Stand up straight, boy. No use slouching. You're here because you have to be taught a lesson. Do you know what that lesson is?" His beady stare bore into the boy, but he obeyed and stood up, standing taller then Mr Sir and looking down at him quietly.

"Well, if you're not going to answer, i'll tell you. You've done something WRONG and you have to say SORRY. You'll do this by digging HOLES. ONE every day, for the next EIGHTEEN MONTHS. IF you run, you'll DIE. Your best bet, BOY, is to JUST dig the hole as QUICKLY as you CAN. GOT THAT?" the boy nodded mutely and Mr Sir dusted off his hands, striding quickly away in the direction of where Squid knew the supplies to be kept.

But the new boy didn't follow him. Instead he stood stone still, eyes glancing around quickly, taking note of everything. Finally, exasperated, Squid stepped forward quickly and cocked his head at the boy.

"You gonna folla him? You better. You need some new shoes anyway. Gooo on." The boy looked up and met his eyes, then shrugged slightly, saying "Might as well. Don't think you're ordering me though. Going of my own free will."

Squid rolled his eyes and gave the boy a quick push in the middle of his back, feeling a grin spread across his face. The boy turned around and gave him the finger - almost in a friendly way though, and continued walking, in a sort of crooked, zigzag line. Maybe he wouldn't be so lonely now. Maybe, just maybe.
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