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tell them how i've defied gravity.

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Quote from Maddy: "RUB ME RUB ME RUB-a-dub dub ME OH YEH"

"And then she's all like "RUB ME RUB ME RUB-a-dub dub ME OH YEH"...guh." Squid shook his head, throwing himself down on the couch.

"But don't you just enjoy saying that..." Zig-Zag said slyly, turning to watch as Squid grinned as well.

"Only a little. But you know, it's meant to mean THAT."

"And what, exactly, is 'that' meant to mean?" Zig asked, his tone implying he knew quite well. Of course, this 'tone' passed right over Squid's head, as most do, and he stuttered, trying to find the words to explain. There were some embarrassing actions and half words before he finally shrugged and just fluttered his hands helplessly.

"You know. birds and bees and things." Zig choked on his coke, laughing so hard he nearly spilt it everywhere.

"BIRDS AND BEES AND THINGS? OH DEAR GOD SQUID. Next you'll be saying garden hoses and flowers and things."

"well, that's just the way i describe it and STOP IT! Could you describe it better, huh?" When he was upset, Squid got bitchy, which was funny.

"yeah, i can. in three letters, actually. S-e-x. Simple. Easy. Is fun to say, not to mention do. Come on now Squid, say it with me. Sex. Sex. SEX." Squid blushed rather quickly, shaking his head and wondering if anyone could hear. Or if anyone could see.

After deciding no one could, he leaned over (Zig-Zag was already sprawled along half the couch, it wasn't hard to reach him), and stuck his fingers into his friend's pocket, pulling himself onto Zig's lap. Which didn't bother either of them, particularly.

"I can say it. Sex. You're right, it is fun. So's this though, I've found." And with that, he reached up and pulled Zig's face down, wondering what the fuck he was doing.
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