Captain John-Bob Copernicus the Third (snoozleberg) wrote in lil_cloud,
Captain John-Bob Copernicus the Third

There are many fearsome predators in the world. Sharks, Lions, Piranas...But none of them live up to the fearsome pinky.
She attacked me today.
And I have the battle-challenge-scars to prove it.
I hear chicks dig scars.

"what's with you and so and so?" <~ use that line
glitter, and guy's hatred of it
sifting sand
a cucumber

Squid was afraid of glitter. It was somthing he was deeply ashamed of and somthing that had affected him most of his teenage life. He remembered the day the fear was born. He must have been about 5 because he still had the horrendous mullet of the early 90's. He had been sitting in the school sandpit, alone that day because Lucy-Christine had been calling him Pissy-Pants-Alan for the past week. He remembered that the castle he had intended on building wasnt turning out the way he wanted and he had ended up shifting sand from one corner of the box to the other. The next thing he remembered was being unable to breath and not knowing why. He felt tiny things poking into his windpipe and when he tried to open his eyes they stung.
He didnt know what happened next but he knew that having a bag of glitter tipped into your face on a windy day by boys who think you wet your pants is not a fun expereince.

Of course Camp greenlake wasnt exactly glitter-land. In the entire time he had been there he had never been confronted by his arch nemesis. That was until the new kid arrived. The boys called him cucumber because he had about four in his bag when he turned up. But not just cucumber...glitter. A big fucking bag of glitter. At first squid thought he could handle it. He stayed away from cucumbers bags and avoided the subject of the kids wierd obsessions. But no matter how hard he tried it was obvious somthing was wrong. He wasnt digging as fast, he couldnt sleep and whenever cucumber was nearbye he would make a stupid excuse and leave.

One night, as squid trudged back to camp, having spent the whole day digging so he didnt have to be in the same room with 'it', he was confronted bya dusty and grumpy zigzag

"Whats with you and cucumber"

Squid blinked, Looked at the cabin, his feet, the sky then back and zig.
And burst into tears.

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