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And so Maddy decreeded, a challenge shall be set.

And it was done.

"Fly me to the moon"
Someone feeling sick

"Fly me to the moon, let me play, among the stars, let me see what life is like, on jupiter or mars..." Stan sung, washing his hair as quickly as possible. It was hard to do in this two minute shower, but he had saved up his shower tokens and was now relaxing in the cool water as it soaked through the caked mud, like some sort of hippo.

"Hey, are you singing Frank Sinatra?" Magnet asked, in his comical accent. Immedietly the rest of D-Tent, who just happened to be hanging around the showers innocently, turned on him in a hostile manner.

"What's so wrong with Frankie?" Squid asked, hoping he sounded menacing. Stan grinned, glad for once he wasn't the one being singled out, watching the scene unfold before him. He had seemed to have forgotten he was naked, and wasting precious water.

"Nothing, nothin'," Magnet said hastily, adjusting his bandana and muttering "If you like old people music."

"YOU CAN'T TALK, TACO-BOY!" Zigzag yelled over Squid's shoulder. His glare could have frightened off mountains, which was saying something. He gradually calmed down, Squid's small hand patting him on the back quietly.

"You better hope you didn't just insult my accent," Magnet said, rounding on Squid, who quailed in front of Zigzag. Zig stepped in front of his friend, pushing a hand gently into Squid's shoulder as he cleared a circle around them.

"Stay out of trouble, Squiddy. Don't want you to get hurt." They shared a brief glance, accompanied by a smile from both boys and confused looks from the rest of D-Tent. They were just weird though, and had their own club. Probably had badges.

"Don't do it Ziggy. Don't hurt." Squid said softly, so only Zig caught it, and only just. He frowned, twisting around to stare at Squid for a long moment, before X-Ray cleared his throat and Zigzag turned back to see Magnet fuming. This wasn't going to be good.

Magnet had just spat on the ground, in front of him, when Squid let out a godawful wail, clutching his head.


Zigzag hid a grin as he rushed to Squid's side, forming a king's chair with X-Ray and Magnet, all hostility forgotten, and Armpit overseeing. Stan was still naked, and was watching after them with an anxious look on his face, when he realised the water had shut off sometime ago. He swore quietly and pulled out another shower token from his clothes, pushing it in and rinsing out the home-made shampoo from his hair.

They all knew that trick. But it always worked for Squid, for no real reason.

wooo i suck. XD
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